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Don't Turn Around - Chapter 1

My name is Rose. I was born on the Friday the 13th of October, 7 minutes after my almost identical twin brother, River. Although we looked alike; same wavy chestnut hair, green eyes, and olive skin, we were completely different in personality. River was… detached, and different from others. I never really knew him, even though he was my brother.

Our parents would keep us apart, saying ‘your brother just needs some time alone, honey.’ Just as well though, I was scared of him. He would sometimes come into my room at night when I was asleep and clamp down a hand on my mouth, laughing when I woke up to breathe, when I had almost passed out. ‘Rose’ he would say, ‘don’t you think you deserve this? after all, you looked at me today.’ River laughed his head off, and it was a wonder that my parents often declared that they were light sleepers. He would creep away saying that if I told anyone, anyone at all, even our parents, he would tell our mother that I was the one who had tried to strangle him. As if our mother would believe that, I was the good girl. But I was 11. How was I supposed to know? I stayed far away from him believing that if I looked at him he would do it again.

I didn’t understand how someone could be so mean to me. I thought there was something wrong with me that made him strangle me. I decided to stay away from him, Because if I didn’t talk or play with him, he wouldn’t hurt me right? How very wrong I was.

On our thirteenth birthday, River was acting even more strange then he usually did, casting accusing glances at me. I was terrified, but managed to stay well away from him until midday.

River and I were having a birthday party. There were kids everywhere, running, laughing, shouting, stuffing their faces. I remember being upstairs, chatting with my best friends. River came in. I recall telling everyone that I had to go to the bathroom, that I would be back soon. River blocked the doorway. I backed up towards the window. Keep in mind, River had tried to strangle me. I asked him to move. He moved, but not in the right direction. My parents called to say it was time for cake. No – one moved. My friends didn’t know the full story, but they knew my brother was the kid that everyone was frightened of in school. River wasn’t a bully. He was just… an ‘evil freak’ as the other kids whispered behind his back.

River kept stepping towards me, and I kept stepping back, further and further. I was scared as hell, sweating even. He smiled, but it wasn’t a smile, more like a evil grin. Everything went blurry after that. The window was open, and I felt River’s hands on my shoulders, hearing multiple screams, one coming from my own mouth.

I was pushed




Spiralling down into a rabbit’s hole of complete darkness.



I do love a good cliff hanger! (Or, should I say, window hanger...)

23rd Feb, 20

Thank you so much! Chapter 2 will be coming soon

24th Feb, 20
inky State Library Victoria

Sooooo wonderfully creepy!

24th Feb, 20

Thatโ€™s definitely what itโ€™s meant it be! Glad you like it! ๐Ÿ˜Š

24th Feb, 20